A&H BlogControl Water Pressure with Vactor’s Innovative Multi Flow System

Do you ever get tired of having to run for water so often when you are out flushing storm or sewer lines?  Vactor Manufacturingcombo trucks have ways to make your crew more efficient with less trips to the hydrant to fill up. One of those ways is by using the Multi Flow system.

Multi flow allows you to attack the toughest jobs using less water and fuel by allowing the operators to be in control of how much water is used during the run, without compromising pressure.  With three settings (low, medium, or high) the user can determine how much water is needed to get the line cleaned properly.  Some routine maintenance does not require a lot of water to clean the pipe.  Sometimes very dirty lines with grease or a clog require more flow from the nozzle to get the job done.  The Multi Flow system allows you to change water pressure quickly, depending on what you encounter in the pipe using basically 40, 60, or 80 gpm for optimum performance of the truck.

Fuel costs are rising so running the truck at a lower RPM without changing the capabilities of the job makes the Vactor a much more efficient unit to operate over the competition, saving you money.  Crews are asked to do more with less all the time, so imagine for a moment how much more they could get done in a normal work shift if they didn’t have to run to refill the truck a few times a day?  Operating a Vactor using the Multi Flow feature at a lower setting is also a more safe way to perform the job.  Time off work for a crew member because of an injury costs the end user time and money. And no one has time for that!

The Multi Flow system comes standard on all new Vactor 2100i units and is also equipped on most 2100+ units currently out in the field.  If you would like more information on Multi Flow or Vactor units in general, give us a call anytime to discuss. I would be happy to help you and even come to your workplace for a demonstration.


Eric Kline, Territory Manager


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