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Products OshKosh® H-Series XF Boom

OshKosh® H-Series XF Boom
OshKosh® H-Series XF Boom
OshKosh® H-Series XF Boom
OshKosh® H-Series XF Boom


The XF Broom is built for the ultimate in performance and innovation. Optional automatic functions make easy work of airport snow removal and save transition time at the end of the runway.



• High performance broom for high-speed snow removal
• 2010 Compliant 500 HP Cummins ISX 12 drive engine, up to 500 hp
• QSX 11.9 Tier 4i EPA Compliant broom engine
• Active weight transfer option keeps weight on the front axle for improved handling of the chassis and broom
• Oshkosh proven mechanical cooling system
• Easy access broom electrical compartment


• Optional Oshkosh SmartPattern system compensates for bristle wear to maintain consistent pattern
• Self recognition systems knows when brooming is taking place
• Optional ground speed control adjusts broom RPM based on chassis speed
• Broom controls are configured to fit each airport’s unique requirements



• 46” (1168 mm) diameter broom available in 18, 20 and 22 foot (5.5 m, 6.1 m, and 6.7 m) lengths
• Interactive display with integrated joystick
• External broom positioning system located for safer, easier broom setup and maintenance
• Simple hydraulic system features clean hose routings and single point access for filter replacement
• Simultaneous multi-function broom operations allow broom to lift and rotate at the same time, reducing transition time at the end of runway
• Electronic broom modules and components grouped in one easily accessible location


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