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Products OshKosh® H-Series XF Broom Retrofit Kit

OshKosh® H-Series XF Broom Retrofit Kit
OshKosh® H-Series XF Broom Retrofit Kit


The Oshkosh® H-Series™ XF Broom Retrofit Kit easily fits on your existing H-Series chassis – providing the Oshkosh runway brooming performance you need in a low-cost, easy-to-install package.
• High-performance broom for high-speed snow removal
• Cummins QSX 11.9 Tier 4i EPA compliant broom engine
• Active weight transfer option keeps weight on the front axle for improved overall handing of the chassis and broom
• Proven Oshkosh® mechanical cooling system
• Optional Oshkosh SmartPattern system compensates for bristle wear to maintain consistent pattern
• Self recognition systems know when brooming occurs
• Optional ground speed control adjusts broom rpm based upon chassis speed

• Configured to fit each airport’s demands


• 46 in. (1,168 mm) diameter broom available in 18, 20 and 22 ft. (5.5 m, 6.1 m and 6.7 m) lengths
• Interactive display with integrated joystick
• External broom positioning system located for safer, easier broom setup and maintenance
• Simple hydraulic system features clean hose routings and single point access for filter replacement
• Simultaneous multi-function broom operations allow broom to lift and rotate at once, reducing transition time at the end of the runway
• Electronic broom modules and components grouped in one easily accessible location


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