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Products OshKosh® HT Tractor Series

OshKosh® HT Tractor Series
OshKosh® HT Tractor Series


You’re Always looking for more effective ways to work while securing peace of mind along the way. The Oshkosh HT-Series snow tractor does it all, delivering flexibility, maneuverability, and savings that can’t be touched by any other Mulit-Tasking Equipment. Built for you, inspired by you, the HT-Series accepts a wide range of plows, underbody scrapers, and tow-behind brooms to maximize performance.



The Oshkosh HT-Series™ snow tractor wouldn’t be an Oshkosh, if it didn’t showcase a commitment to safety and reliability unrivaled in the snow removal industry. A new cab-over chassis design, putting operators high above the action, featuring the same outstanding visibility as the recently updated H-Series™ snow chassis, and on-board diagnostics are just a few examples of how Oshkosh continues to raise the bar both on and off the runway.


An MTE vehicle in the truest sense of the word, the HT-Series snow tractor can perform a myriad of functions, including plowing, deicing, forced-air blowing and scraping. It accepts a wide range of plows, underbody scrapers, material spreaders, tow behind brooms or combinations of each. In short, it provides everything you need to meet your airport’s unique snow removal challenges

Quick Hitch system allows for convenient link/delink of tow behind brooms and front plow.

  • Options for various wheelbases and mounted equipment.
  • Options for 4×4 and 6×6 models with GVW ratings up to 87,000 pounds with standard steering, 81,000 pounds with ALL STEER® electronic all-wheel steering system.
  • Supports any tow behind model specifically designed for the HT-Series snow tractor.


While other multi-tasking units require as much as 110 feet to complete a U-Turn, the HT-Series snow tractor with its ALL STEER® electronic all-wheel steering system can do it in less than 75 feet, wall to wall, with a 24-foot plow and a tow behind broom. Combined with its superior brooming capabilities—a steered broom unit keeps the broom from tracking outside the plow line.


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