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Products OshKosh® SIB Brush Tech

OshKosh® SIB Brush Tech
OshKosh® SIB Brush Tech


The complete sweeping system for keeping airport operational areas and highways clear of ice, snow, rubber, sand and F.O.D. (Foreign Object Debris).


Svenska Industriborstar i Västerås AB (SIB) was founded in 1955 by Walter Droeser. For the first 25 years, SIB concentrated exclusively on industrial brush solutions and applications.

In the end of the 1970s, after years of design work and tests, SIB was able to present a unique system for keeping runways free of ice, snow, rubber and FOD (Foreign Object Debris).

35 years after its launch, the cassette brush system, which consists of a rotating core and an arrangement of special cassette brushes, is still totally unique in terms of performance, efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The company is still family owned.



Patented core design
  • 36 in. / 46 in. diameter
  • Lengths up to 21 ft (6.5 m)
  • Number of tracks: 16 (36 in.) / 20, 28 (46 in.)
  • Light, straight and strong
  • Less strain on the sweeper frame
Balanced dynamically toISO 1940/1 G 6,3
  • Prevents damage and vehicle wear
  • Silent operation
  • Easy on the operator
Polymer-lined tracks
  • Easy slide of cassettes into the tracks
  • Prolongs core life
Quality-assured production process
  • Traceable cores guarantee quality
Five-year core warranty
  • Designed for maximum load absorbtion during operation
  • Injection moulded to facilitate easy slidein of cassettes
  • Withstands temperatures down to -40°C (-40°F)

Bristle support

  • Reduces bristle-wire stress
  • Designed for maximum load absorbtion during operation
  • Withstands temperatures down to -40°C (-40°F)
Bristle material
  • Galvanized, drawn spring-steel wire: 0.45 mm / 0.60 mm
  • High-quality material
  • Polypropylene, UV-protected: 2.2 mm / 2.8 mm / 4.0 mm


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