The BuzzThe Missing Piece in Combatting I&I: Manhole Inspections

The inspection and rehabilitation of sewer pipelines is only one step in minimizing the
flow of otherwise clean water to treatment plants. Manholes are failing at a rate faster
than sewer pipelines. Modern manhole inspections can help municipalities avoid high
treatment costs and expensive regulatory actions; however, they remain the most
overlooked segment of sewer infrastructure in the search for inflow and infiltration (I&I).

The white paper Rethinking Manhole Inspection: A New Way to Reduce I&I Quickly and
Cost-Effectively discusses this trend and makes the business case for manhole
assessment and rehabilitation. Historically, the time and cost that went into performing
manhole inspections was exorbitant and didn’t justify itself. However, modern manhole
inspection solutions are quickly changing this frame of mind. Now, not only are manhole
inspections doable, they are often much quicker and more cost-effective than other
inspection methods in combating I&I.

Want to learn more about manhole inspections and how your department can benefit
from modern manhole inspection solutions? Download the white paper:

Rethinking Manhole Inspection: A New Way to Reduce I&I Quickly and Cost-Effectively.