Hydro excavation is becoming more common for safety purposes as it allows for a non-destructive and more accurate way to excavate soil and locate underground utilities.


We offer the entire VACTOR HXX product line for equipment purchasing or for rental needs at all three A&H Equipment locations. The VACTOR HXX Hydro Excavation product line features the VACTOR HXX Full Size or Mid-Size Hydro Excavator, and both water and air capabilities in the Mid-Size VACTOR Prodigy Vacuum Hydro Excavator and the Mid-Size VACTOR Paradigm Vacuum Hydro Excavator. A&H Equipment is a proud supporter of PA ONE CALL, which is a free federally designated call number (811) that helps prevent consequences and avoid damages by notifying proper authorities of digging up utility lines around property to avoid potential fines and repairs that could cost thousands in damages.


Available as an enhancement, Vactor’s DiGRight™ Technology helps control water pressure around vulnerable buried infrastructure allowing the operator to limit pressure from exceeding water pressure limits.