A&H BlogThe Benefits of a Non-CDL Vactor Paradigm

Over the last few years it has become increasingly evident there is a need to safely excavate soil in order to install, replace or re-locate a variety of underground utility lines. These include electrical lines, gas lines, sewage & water lines to name a few.

Typically yellow iron did the heavy lifting but because of safety & environmental concerns, plus significant cost savings, a new method has grown in popularity: Hydro & Air Excavation. These methods allow pinpoint “cutting” of the ground using high pressure water or air. This eliminates the fear of striking a gas line. For example, with a backhoe or other earth moving equipment, the material (dirt/clay/soils/rock/etc.) is then vacuumed into a debris body and dumped as back fill or transported and offloaded.

One of our leading manufacturers, world market leader Vactor Manufacturing, produces trucks of various sizes to safely excavate material year round. One model in particular has grown in popularity over the last few years; the Vactor Paradigm. This unit offers both high pressure hydro excavation AND air excavation, all built into a 26K GVW non-CDL chassis.

Numerous benefits include but are not limited to:
*Single engine platform
*2,200 CFM PD Blower w/ 6” diameter telescoping vacuum hose
*Water pump capable of producing up to 2,500psi of pressure
*Boiler enclosed for hydro excavating in frigid conditions
*Air excavation w/ digging lance/keeps material dry & reused as backfill
*Extremely maneuverable in tight areas

Hydro/Air Excavation will continue to be in high demand well into the future because its considered a form of “Soft Excavation”.  Regulations are being written into governmental bid specifications detailing use of this equipment for safety specific reasons.

We are proud to represent Vactor & offer the Paradigm for sale or rent, as well as in our rent-to-own fleet program.


Jim Ahlborn, Territory Sales Manager

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