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Economical to operate and less downtime when tool needs repair

Long service life:  1,600-1,800 service hours before maintenance is needed

–Hardened steel fins that are individually replaceable

–longer lasting carbide nozzles

–flush head style protecting seals

–longer lasting carbide seals

–design change allowing longer life of viscous fluid

Magnums are customizable for all applications

*Descaling ports come standard—plug or use inserts to increase applications tool can be used for

*Additional fin sizes available for different pipe sizes

*Fewer hang-ups due to economic design

Testimonials from customers around the United States:

— I love that the Magnum needs less maintenance.  I use it 8 hours a day and it does everything from pulling concrete and cutting roots to descaling. -Ben Perez, City of Fullerton

–We eliminated use of Rootsaws with our conversion to Magnums. -Brad Phillips, City of Kansas City, KS


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