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Since 1946 TARCO® products have been manufactured here in the U.S.A. TARCO® Windy Series

TARCO® Windy Series
TARCO® Windy Series
TARCO® Windy Series
TARCO® Windy Series


TARCO® Windy Series vacuum leaf loaders, manufactured by Fort Miller FAB3, are trailer mounted vacuums designed to efficiently collect leaves, litter, grass and other road side debris from parks, parking lots, curbs, sidewalks and stadiums.

We Follow Nature

TARCO® products are a full line of highway maintenance equipment built to take whatever nature leaves behind. Whether it is snow, ice, sleet or leaves TARCO® has a solution to fit your needs. Since 1946 TARCO® products have been manufactured here in the U.S.A., using components that are primarily made and sourced in the U.S.A. TARCO® will never sacrifice the quality that is built into our machines as it directly plays an important role in keeping roadways clear and safe for travel. We follow nature so you don’t have to.



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