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Find Cross Bores & Blockages Envirosight® Rovver X SAT II

Envirosight® Rovver X SAT II
Envirosight® Rovver X SAT II


Find Gas Line Cross Bores Efficiently

The Envirosight X SAT II lateral launch sewer crawler is redesigned from the ground up to give you industry-leading productivity, range and reliability, while keeping your cost of ownership low.

The adaptable design of ROVVER X SAT II helps you perform cross bore inspection under a wide range of sewer pipe conditions:

  • Perform more lateral launches per manhole deployment, thanks to the crawler’s 984’ sewer mainline travel range.
  • Inspect as far as 146’ into laterals—even ones with bends.
  • Reconfigure quickly for sewer pipes 6” to 80” in diameter using quick-change wheels and aiming tubes.
  • For larger sewer lines, conveniently custom-cut your launch tubes from off-the-shelf PVC pipe.


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